Biking home today

So as I was biking up Fallsway by Central booking on my daily bike route, I saw three young black kids blocking the bike path. Two of them had bikes, one didn’t. I immediately sensed their desire to take my bike. As I approached, one boy was on a bike trying to block the path. The other two seemed waiting. Maintaining steady eye contact with the other two kids, I made sure they knew that I “see” them. As I passed them, the one trying to block me started biking and yelled in an exasperated tone something at the other two. I calmly biked on thinking that the problem was averted.

After traveling a block or so on Guilford right in front of my children’s elementary school, I saw a hammer fly on the concrete sidewalk next to me. I quickly turned and noticed one of the boys from earlier was on a bike and tried to throw a hammer at me. He quickly turned his bike and biked away.

It is again, very sad that children feel the need to throw a hammer to hurt someone to just steal a bike. Should people flee this very real suffering and live in richer cities or suburbs? Or should we stay and engage this city with compassion and responsibility? How can you live in a city like Baltimore with class privilege and not be a target? Such questions we will struggle to answer.