Held up at gun point…

Published originally : Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:35:01 -04:00

After two years of my daily commute walking through the dark streets of Baltimore at 5AM, I was finally held up at gunpoint.  I guess the probabilities are bound to get you eventually.  Around 5:20 this morning in little Italy, as I was crossing Essex Street on Eastern Avenue while heading west, two young black kids emerging from a dark side street approached me from behind and said “come over here…”  I turned as they approached and then they said “give me everything you got.”  One kid showed me his hand gun and I took my wallet out.  I heard one kid tell the other “bring him back over here by the car” (in a dark side street)  Of course I refused to move from the lighted street lamp.  One kid took my wallet from my hand, yet sensing fear in the boys and not wanting them to have my address or pictures of my family, I promptly took it right back.

Now, most wallets have two sections in the bills area.  I have a one dollar section and a twenties section.  I opened my wallet, gave the kid all my one dollar bills (about 5-7 dollars) and then closed it and put it back in my pocket.  The kid with the gun then stuck his gun on my throat saying “you don’t want to get shot, do you?”  While the other kid asked for my wallet again…

All I said was “please sir…” (believing that these kids had no desire to shoot anyone) while the gun was at my throat.  Then the kid with the gun asked me “do you have a phone?”  I lied… “No” he checked my jacket side pockets (My phone was in my interior chest pocket) and then walked away.  I then kept on walking westward on Eastern Ave.  A few seconds later, from the alley way, a silver car rolled out and drove on…  I kept my eyes trained to the ground to give them no excuse to stop.

Thinking back on the incident, it is again a sad reminder that our world generates such desperate people in this world.  It is very sad that these kids find the need to hold people up at gun point for either gang initiation or cash.  In a sense, considering the behavior of humanity in the world, this behavior is probably expected by urban decay youths but it is still very unfortunate.


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